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Designers and contemporary artisans say that individuality is one of the latest trends within interior design. Vintage Eclecticism offers designers the ability to express uniqueness and embrace retro styles. Like we have said before, now is a great time to begin curating your own collection of home décor, accessories, and furnishings. Make your home an artistic gallery that is meaningful and beautiful for you and your guests.royola-vintage-eclectic

Eclectic style means taking many elements from various sources and combining them artistically for another purpose; therefore, Vintage Eclecticism is a style that takes various pieces from different styles and eras to create a contemporary design space. Often representing maturity and excellence, vintage pieces survive from the popular styles of other eras.

Professionals say that balance is the key to vintage-eclectic style. Consider aesthetic and practical, rough and smooth, dark and light, hectic and tranquil, as well as glossy and dull. Common search terms to locate furnishing include, “vintage home décor, bohemian, boho chic, retro, industrial, and farmhouse.” Handmade accessories, artwork, and handicrafts are popular choices.

Try not to focus on perfection or intricate details. While balance and moderation are always important, vintage-eclectic style encourages refined frivolity and playfulness. Fuse two or three of your favorite styles with a favorite piece of art or family heirloom like a grandfather clock. Release your whimsy and have fun being your own artisan and curator.

VE 2Vintage Painted Console Chest

VE 3Vintage Antiqued & Reclaimed White Bench

Look for rooms layered with numerous styles. Thrift-store bargains are featured alongside Victorian cabinetry and everything in between. Obvious pitfalls are too many clashing styles, so choose a focal point and plan your room from the inside. Diversity is a major motif of Vintage Eclecticism, so bring it all together. Express yourself!

Design Tip: Select furniture and décor that define your overall theme, approach, or design aesthetic. Each room increases in value and meaning because of such personal choices. To curate a room or design space, start with one large or central piece of furniture. Take the living room for example: central pieces like a coffee table or sofa can inform your decisions for carpets, lamps, curtains, etc.

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